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Password to Second Locked Generator Door in the Neo Ark

R, Y, B, W, B, W, R, Y, W, B, Y, R


The passcode for the Bridge at the panel is: 561The passcode for the Bronco Masterkey is: 3033The passcode for raising the Flood Gate is: 18The passcode for raising the Full Moon Gate is: 15

Dryfield loft safe passcode

The passcode to open the safe on the Loft in Dryfield is 4487

(To get the passcode solve the four riddles) First Digit: How many phones in Dryfield : 4 Second Digit: How many urinals in loo : 4 Third Digit: How many barrels in center of cellar : 8 Last Digit: How many mirrors in Motel Bronco : 7 That makes it (4,4,8,7)

Laboratory computer passcode

The passcode to hack into the computer in the Laboratory is A3EILM2S2Y

(To get the passcode first get the computer magazine "Aeris Sept issie" from Yoshida,s bed in the sleeping quartersThis magazine will tell you all about the 'FateKeeper' virus. A virus that is powerful yet useless.Head back to the notebook terminal in the Laboratory and get ready to hack in. Just follow the instructions on the magazine.

As with what the magazine says, the original password is displayed on the screen. In this sense it is the background wallpaperspelling "MELISSAMAYA so arranging it alphabetically we will get AAAEILMMSSY, encode it in the"Fatekeeper.virus encoding to get A3EILM2S2Y Enter it in and you are granted access)

Get prizes & BP

At the Beginning of the game DONT practice! Wait till after the Akropilis Tower.After the Tower get the M4A1. THEN practice with it and if you do good enough you get prizes and BP!The prizes are Hunter Goggles (prevent Darkness), Lip Balm (prevent Silence) these must be attached to do so!Shoulder holster armor and other stuff.

Kill the Giant Beast

Before you got to bed at the Motel Room 6 you should have the Grenade Pistolor the M4A1, also have Energy Shot and Healing. The best place to bewhen fighting The Giant Beast is the Corner of the Room 6 and the Storage Unithe can't hit you there. Heal whenever needed and keep shooting have plenty ofammo though. If you kill the Beast you get a protein capsule (+5 health) and later fromMr. Douglas you get a full automatic Handgun w/ bullet capacity of 100!

Unlock New Modes

Bounty Mode & Replay Mode - get by finishing game with any characterSupportless Mode - Finish the game with a good endingDeadly Mode - Finish game with Supportless ModeScavenger Mode - Get 69,001 in any modeNightmare Mode - Complete Scavenger Mode

How Modes Affect Your Ratings

Finishing in Bounty Mode gives a +1 to your rating, finishing in Scavenger mode gives a +2, Nightmare gives a +3. So if you finish Scavenger with a C rating you really get a A!

Requirements to Unlock Weapons
The ultimate gun

This gun is better than the gunblade and hypervelocity cannon combined, to obtain follow the instructions:1: At the pyramid dance enter the code 2 unlock the power plant and then go and kill the anmc then go back to the pyramid and enter thiscode:r, r, r, y, y, w, r, b, b, w, w, r at the end it wont do anything but make your way back 2 dryfeild.

2: At dryfeild head toward the loft and get the lifedrain parasite energy you also need the earth wind and fire 3rd energies then head back 2 the shelter.

3: Go 2 the lab and phone. kyle will pick up and say summin about a big head and then you go and see the newborn anmc after this go to thearmoury and get the sp12 shotgun (you need the black keycard 4 this) then save up 12000 and purchase the as12 auto shotgun you should alreadyhave the m4a1 so then buy the m203 attachment .

4: After the scene with the military get the Mongoose from Rupert. If flint is alive he'll give you mp boost 2 and a leter give him the teddy and hewill lead you 2 the last 2 bosses.

5: At the newborn anmc kill all of it (tails head neck core bum arms gas guns etc) and when you fight parasite eve use the m203 and that shouldtake about 50 grenades when the last sequence is shown press up, up down left right and when you get the rankings up you will get a "u" rankingthis will give you: The ultimate weapon The medicine ring: the crystal skull: monk robe: and a 5th parasite energywith all of this you should beable 2 complete the game with extreme ease


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