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In the old days, when people used to socialize at bars, exchanging tall tales and boasting about their prowess at all kinds of pursuits, from alcohol tolerance to flirtation skills, you were the one could make impressive things happen using just a pool cue, some chalk, and a table covered with green felt and colorful balls. Even when you were showing off your pool skills at the game room in the community center, when they subjects of boasting were more along the lines of skateboarding skills and how many pieces of bubble gum you could swallow without getting a stomachache, you still had a reputation as the best pool player.  In those days, phones did nothing but hang on the wall and wait for someone to feed them a quarter, but if they had been able to film and upload videos, a montage of your best pool shots could have easily become a viral internet sensation.

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It would be easy to blame the internet and the rise of the smart phone for destroying the simple pleasures of gathering at the bar to play pool with your friends.  A pessimist might say that quick thumbs have replaced the full body coordination required to play real life pool, and humble-brags posted on social media have replaced good old fashioned smack talk. But that is just the pessimistic view, not the whole story. An optimist would say that playing pool on your smart phone is even better, because you can play even while commuting to work or at interminable holiday gatherings where your father-in-law and his neighbors brag about boring things like their investment portfolio and their golf handicap. Not only that, but in a smart phone pool game, the pool balls on the screen are not bound by the laws of physics, which means that your amazing pool shots can be even more awesome than their real life counterparts. Best of all, when you play online pool games like 8 Ball Pool, you can talk smack to the whole world.

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8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the most popular online and smart phone pool game in the world; over 50 million people have downloaded it, which means you have that many competitors.  With approximately one out of every 140 people in the world playing 8 Ball Pool, you could use some 8 Ball Pool Hacks to give you an advantage.  Fortunately, this 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool can help you do just that.

Device Compatibility (Android, iOS and more...)

This 8 Ball Pool Online Hack works on any of the devices on which you can play 8 Ball Pool.  You can use it on Android, iOS, and Windows, and you don’t have to worry about jail-breaking anything.  It can get around anti-virus software and give you access to the server.  You can easily use it to hack 8 Ball Pool and get access to all kinds of 8 Ball Pool Cheats, such as unlimited coins and unlimited cash. This 8 Ball Pool Hack makes playing 8 Ball Pool even more fun.

Of course, hacking online games is nothing new; it has been around as long as online games have.  Even before online games, there were ways to tweak Super Mario Brothers on the NES by entering special codes. We know that game developers are always trying to stay ahead of hackers, but we keep up with them. Our 8 Ball Pool Hacks are all the way up to date and work great. This 8 Ball Pool Hack Tool automatically updates itself, so that when if the game’s server tries to ban you, the hack tool has ways of keeping you from getting banned.